Experienced in plaintiff and defense cases in the criminal and civil legal medical arena, Med-Law Consultants assists paralegals and attorneys with injury accidents, workplace injury, and malpractice cases resulting from negligence.


Why do you need a Legal Nurse Consultant? 

A Legal Nurse Consultant is a Licensed Registered Nurse Specialist who has attained a specialized level of education, training, and knowledge which combines their nursing expertise with legal knowledge in order to assist attorneys with their medical legal litigation.

With the rate of medical litigation cases on the rise, and case complexity increasing due to more medical specialties being developed, Legal Nurse Consultants are being depended upon to bring their knowledge and experience to the legal community. An experienced registered nurse with specialized paralegal training can bring you valuable clinical expertise and medical training.


A Legal Nurse Consultant has medical knowledge and background pertinent to the inner workings of the healthcare system and may discover key aspects of a case that of which a paralegal may not have knowledge.


With health care's rapidly changing pace, many legal practices are utilizing the knowledge of a LNC to keep a competitive edge.


I participate in both plaintiff and defense cases and I am committed to uphold educational, ethical, and confidentiality standards. My experience involves criminal cases as well as civil cases involving personal injury accidents, workplace injury, and malpractice resulting from negligence or others. Because these types of litigation involve bodily injury, my extensive nursing experience has become a valuable asset to the legal team.

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